aceoffix 16 Inch 349 Folding Bike Outer 3 Speed 9.8kg

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9.8kg 16 Inch 349 Aceoffix Folding Bike Outer 3 Speed 349


The frame is 4130 molybdenum steel, and everything is customized according to the standard of modified bike.

Aluminum alloy CNC machined transmission system, folding buckle, brake lever, quick release 3-palin pedal, CNC retro crank + integrated chainring.

Outer three-speed bearing hub, aluminum alloy flywheel cover, yellow-rim bald tire.

CNC bearing wheel, headset.

Ultra-light frame, front and rear forks, head tube. The main beam weighs only 2.0kg, and the vehicle is about 9.5kg.


A. Frame part

1. 4130 Molybdenum steel frame, optional S/M type head tube

2. Aluminum alloy bearing CNC headset

3.Aluminum alloy M handlebar/straight handle, which can be upgraded to carbon fiber M handlebar or straight handle.

4.Ez3 aluminum alloy easy wheel

5. Wave shape spring shock absorber

6.Aluminum alloy seat post, which can be upgraded to titanium alloy or carbon fiber seat post.

B. Braking part

1. Aluminum alloy CNC brake lever

2.Forged clamps, which can be upgraded to CNC clamps.

C. Folding buckle

1.Plastic crab claws + 7075 aluminum alloy screws, which can be upgraded to full titanium alloy.

2. Aluminum alloy bobo ball,

3.Aluminum alloy hcl-2 faucet, which can be upgraded to titanium alloy.

4.Aluminum alloy CNC C buckle, which can be upgraded to carbon fiber type.

5.Sp06 seat tube clamp, which can be upgraded to other types of seat tube clamps.

6.Aluminum alloy CNC L buckle, or E buckle.

D. speed system

1.CNC rear derailleur ts04 new style with short tube

2. Aluminum alloy adjusting wire seat

3. Variable speed carbon fiber limit gasket

4. Aluminum alloy swing arm

5. Aluminum alloy bearing paddles

6.Lantoo shift lever

E. Wheels

1. Outer 3 speed, 4 bearing wheels

2.3 Speed gear, flywheel cover, 11 13 17T

3. CST inner tube, can upgrade Shiwen inner tube.

4.Aceoffix yellow-sided folding tires can be upgraded to Shiwen kojak, one, marathon tires.

F. Transmission

1.CNC retro crank +50T cnc gear, optional configuration is forged crank.

2.The central axis of Artemisia annua square hole is 116mm, the optional configuration is 119mm, and the titanium alloy central axis.

3.9-speed chain, YBN chain is optional.

G. Other

1.Quick-release CNC pedal on the left, optional titanium alloy pedal, or two-sided quick-release version.

2. Carbon fiber pattern sponge cushion

3. Ultra-light sponge grip,

4.Carbon fiber parking disc,

5. Brake transmission line tube, inner line.

6. Optional configuration of mud tile L/R,

7. Optional Q shelf or standard shelf, the upgradeable material is titanium alloy or aluminum alloy.


The number of holes available for the whole wheel set: front wheel 14/rear wheel 21, front wheel 16/rear wheel 20 holes, front wheel 28/rear wheel 28. The rims are all black, and the black rims and silver edges are shipped randomly.


For heavy riders (over 80kg), it’s best to use 28/28-hole wheel sets, which have good strength and no special requirements. The number of holes in the wheel set is randomly matched according to 14/21 16/20.






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